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I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I moved to Miami in 2002. As an interior decorator, having worked in both the luxury residential and commercial interior design sectors for over fifteen years, I had  the opportunity to work with many clients in small deco projects as well as in full scale ground-up designs. Regardless of the size of the project and budget, I treat all my clients with the same respect and dedication. After many years I can proudly say that several clients can now be called friends.

Natalia Peyru



SUMA DESIGN (Amacanda)  is a full service interior decorating firm established in Miami FL in 2005. We provide fully integrated services in all areas of design, from interior and exterior design, space planning, project management, through furnishings and accessories for residential properties, vacation homes, investment properties and commercial spaces. We provide a complete, tailored service covering each and every aspect of your project. Through our exacting attention to detail, an understanding of our clients' tastes and goals, and a precise awareness of timeframes and budget we create successful and exciting designs.

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